Hair Replacement System

German Innovation

I offer you new comfortable solution for alopecia - hair replacement system:

- New Hair Replacement System is the innovation for everyone affected by hair loss. A hairpiece for the top of the head that is light, thin, inconspicuous and can be customized to be indistinguishable from your own hair. You won't even feel the hairpiece thanks to the ultra-thin, seamless finish and you will not suffer the disturbing "toupee feeling'. The woven parts are characterized by an unprecedented lightness and will give you self-confidence and a new, positive outlook on life.

- No Shaving! (The uniqueness of this technology is that the extensions take place on the client's remaining hair.

- No Glue! (The system is supported by a medical polymer - unique solution that ensures secure attachment and safety.

- Secure! (neither the correction nor the extension itself harm the client's scalp. On the Contrary, with the system, our clients grow their hair, and continue to be treated.

- Freedom! (Live a normal lifestyle. Do sports, visit the pool, don't limit yourself in anything. The system is held tight.

- 100% Natural European Hair (Handtied, made in Germany)

- Natural Look!

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