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Welcome to my shop- my name is Olivia, I am a highly qualified, licensed wig expert with over 20 years of experience. I began my career in Europe and have been refining my expertise in the USA for the last 7 years. I have gone through the experience of hair loss and deeply understand how vital self-confidence and personal image is. That's why I'm here, to help you reclaim that confidence by offering new ideas and solutions. My mission is to provide you with a full range of services, sincere care, and professional advice. My commitment to quality and your confidence are what genuinely matter to me. Trust in my experience, and I will help you discover your uniqueness.



Olivia fabricated and styled two wigs for my wife, one of them to attend a wedding. From the very beginning to the very end it was a wonderful experience. Olivia is extremely skilled, highly responsive, sympathetic, and has displayed an absolute mastery of the myriad factors going into this. The wigs she made were excellent, and her styling advice and re-styling were top notch. And the price was definitely fair. We are delighted with this entire experience and strongly recommend this provider. Olivia has achieved world-class professional excellence in our opinion.

Charles S.

My wife recently bought a wig from Olivia and her service and the product was excellent. She was very friendly in explaining everything that my wife was interested in. She explained in details how to take care of the product. Since getting a wig was the first time experience and wife was very nervous at first, but Olivia made the whole process easy and comfortable. I highly recommend OT Wigs to anybody. Olivia will make you feel better and definitely look better as well.

Alex Kim

I recently bought a topper from Olivia and I LOVE it! Its like a new me and its all thanks to her. She is so compassionate and worked hard to find just the right solution for me. I loved that she tried many styles and colors on me to find just the right one that I loved and that made me look great. She really cared and is an expert in wigs and toppers, highly ethical, easy to work with and has high quality products in great styles. With Olivia you will get a very personal, catered experience and will be in the best of hands. If you are thinking of getting a wig or a topper, do not hesitate. Olivia is THE person to see. I will definitely go back to her for another topper and wig.

Kathy H.

This is a wonderful salon with a wide variety of products including high quality human hair wigs and extensions. Olivia is very talented with coloring, repairing and customizing both synthetic and human hair wigs. She provides excellent customer service and top quality service. Tyra also provides video consultations and home visits. This is now my favorite salon.

Debbie Fowler

Olivia was wonderful! Very compassionate, trustworthy and knows what she is talking about. I will be working with her from now on! Great experience and highly recommend.

Eimear Kivlighn

Olivia is a delight. She tries to find the right price and right hair for you and takes time to explain everything. She is so helpful in every respect. I have to yet see how I look when I get what we ordered but so far impressed by Olivia and her work with her clients.

Afia Hussain

First time client that needed advice on detangling wigs. Brought two with me. Instead of pushing new wigs on me Elie treated my wigs with a specific spray she recommended on Amazon. Super kind owner and quality wigs compared to other local sellers asking three times as much for half this level of wig. Highly suggest calling and visiting her small shop.

steve yasin

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This woman is incredible I thought! Who does that?

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Olivia came into my life for a reason. Cancer. I was going to start chemo and my dearest friend wanted to gift me a wig to prepare for when I lost my hair. My friend found Olivia Wigs in Tyson’s and made an appointment for me.

My first impression? Truthfully, I wasn’t impressed. She was wearing a too-blonde looking wig. Not a good 1st impression for someone selling wigs! She invited me to follow her to her cubicle as she explained and apologized for being late. She’d just come from another appointment with a woman who had lost her hair from chemo. Olivia was wearing a human-hair wig and upon seeing it, the woman fell in love with it and begged Olivia to sell it to her. So, Olivia removed the wig from her head and gave it to the woman, reached into her bag and put on the first wig she grabbed. In this case an inexpensive synthetic one that she uses for trials.

My opinion of her shifted 180 degrees. This woman is special! She is highly empathetic. She then removed the wig and I saw that her hair was very short, no more than an inch in length. I asked her if she too was going through chemo. She explained that she has a support group of young women with cancer. They are all terrified of losing their hair. So, as a show of support to help reduce their fears, as well as to show them that hair does grow back, she shaved her hair.

When I started my first chemo, I met with a lovely oncology nurse with Life With Cancer. At the end of that treatment I received a gift bag from Step Sisters foundation, a non-profit that support women with breast and uterine cancer by gifting them with ‘cosmetics’ and other care products that aid in their chemo journey.

I knew Olivia would be an asset to both organizations because of their shared passion and commitment to helping women with cancer. I made the professional introductions and her contact information is now on their websites. I’m a firm believer that our life difficulties create for us forks in the road where we can choose to either resist ‘what is’ and suffer needlessly; or we can choose to accept ‘what is’ and reap the lessons and rewards contained in every hardship.

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